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Conservation Podcast

In June I had the pleasure of working with Amy Turner on ‘This Wild Life Conservation Podcast’ to produce an episode about my work and life in conservation in Africa.

Amy enables me to discuss big problems while not letting me rant on about them, then she encourages me to share things which I haven't spoken about before.

I don't talk that much about my work because I worry that I bore people. I know this sounds strange but I can't easily describe the scope of what I do without explaining why, and this makes it all a very long story.

I have a huge variety of “typical workdays”, so when people ask what a typical workday looks like I find myself gasping for air and asking instead what they do. People are usually very good at talking about themselves so it works well in the end.

I also admit that when I am with people away from work it is good to switch off and the last thing a person wants to talk about is work. I love what I do but the job and the world’s problems can be overwhelming. As our small team grows it feels less overwhelming but, honestly, ‘planet anxiety’ is a real thing and sometimes I can't sleep from worrying about what we are doing to our planet.

I spent a few months recording daily videos with various apps so I could show friends and family a snippet of what my life was like. Everyone was surprised by how many days I worked from a laptop and how contrastingly urgent some situations seemed in comparison. One is below for fun.

Back to the podcast. Thank you to This Wild Life Conservation Podcast for the chance to talk and be part of such an amazing group of people who have recorded with you. If you haven’t heard it yet check out:


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